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Water charged with stones has incredible properties

Water charged with stones has incredible properties

Water has beneficial effects on humans, when loaded with energy and minerals. To get the stone’s power out, put it in water in the sun, just at sunrise.

You can put a piece of the mineral or a gem with it in, like a necklace, ring or bracelet with a stone. If you put a stone embedded in metal, it is better not to charge the water.

You just put it in the cup of water an formulate mentally or out loud what you want to get from this stone: help for something, protection or healing, but do not ask for more than it can give you.

Let the stone stand in the water overnight, then remove it from the water and thank it for its responsiveness to your requests.

Then leave it in the sun for several days, so it can be charged again and regain the power that it gave the water. Keep the glass of water in the fridge and sip a few sips when you want to charge.

If you make this water with a growing moon, you will receive an elixir for the body and fill yourself with energy. Water obtained with a decreasing moon, helps to eliminate fears and troubles.

The power and energy of minerals can charge not only water but also an ointment or oil. You just put a stone or jewel into it and leave it for two or three days in some sunshine.

Use the prepared substance once or several times a week, but follow the phases of the moon and what you wish for.

If you want to prepare ointment against psoriasis, use whatever oil you like and put emerald, cat's eye, ruby or tiger eye in it.

Use the stone that suits you most, whether you just like it or you have chosen using a pendulum. Prepare ointment in step with the lunar phases.