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Follow These 8 Steps of Feng Shui to Improve the Energy in your Home

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Feng Shui helps eliminate negative energy in the home by transforming it into positive energy. If you apply the practices you'll never deal with a bad mood again.

Stagnation in the home isn't good for anyone. Trapped between 4 walls, the negative energy doesn't allow us to focus on the important things and mental and spiritual development. We become slaves to material motivation.

Every person has the right to live in an atmosphere of vibrant, positive and tranquil energy. That's where Feng Shui comes to the rescue. To cleanse your home of negativity and convert the energy into something positive for you and your family, there are several main steps you should follow.

Feng Shui practices have many methods for revamping energy. All of them are derivatives of the one already present, which will help you maintain a constant joyous and distinct energy in the home. Utilize the method every time you feel tense, negative, confused or in a bad mood in some other way.

While raising the positive energy in your home you'll also be raising your spirits. You can apply this every day or once a week - any time you feel it necessary really.


Learn the practices for removing negative energy from your home.

1. Set your mind

The 1st step is to formulate your desire clearly in your consciousness. Make the decision to free yourself of the convoluted situation or negative mood and don't relent.

2. Imagine the negative energy gathering together in a ball

Make all the dark shadows hiding in the corners come out to the light. It's the only way you'll be able to force them outside. Then, imagine them leaving your home.

3. Dust

Cleaning away all the dust in the room brings greater mental clarity and helps you to remain focused. Microfiber cloths are most suitable and ecological. Also be sure to regularly dust the bathroom.

4. Smoke

Burn away all the cobwebs and light up incense. Choose your favorite aroma and watch as the smoke cleanses the air.

5. Pillows with fluff


Besides being an easy way to add shine to your soft furnishings, chairs and beds, they transform the energy into a positive one.

6. Clapping with your hands in the corners

Walk around in a circle of each room of your home and clap loudly with your hands. This will get the energy layers moving and unblock the area for new and more positive energy.

7. Wash the bathroom and toilet, keep its lid down

Scrub the smooth areas of the bathroom with baking soda and vinegar, mixed in 1:1 ratio. Leave the mixture to react for 30-40 min. and wash it off well. This increases positive energy in the bathroom as well.

8. Thankfulness

Thankfulness brings abundance. Spend some time coming up with a thank-you speech. Write it down and then read it out loud. Give thanks to all the big and little things and welcome in the positive vibrations.