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Interpreting a Dream with a Deceased Grandmother

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The appearance of one's deceased grandmother in a dream is an exceptionally important sign that deserves its fair share of attention. Remember the details in the dream because they are crucial for a correct interpretation.

A deceased grandmother usually appears in a dream to give us a dire warning and instructions. To interpret it however, also pay mind to the little details - her gestures and words, because they carry a hidden message.

Often the departed shows up to remind us to honor her memory. If you dream of her at her grave or if there's boiled wheat, flowers, cakes or other items traditionally served to ease the dead's soul, it means your grandmother would like tribute from you.

Sometimes the grandmother may ask for clothes or other items she used while still alive to be brought to her grave.

The dream may also represent the sorrow you feel for your grandmother's absence. In this case, you must once again visit her grave.

A deceased grandmother could also signify great changes that are coming in your life. These may be related to both work and your love life.

If in your dream the grandma is holding a book, it means that the person having the dream made a huge mistake in the past and will be paying for it.

A dream where your grandmother appears healthy but refuses to talk to you and every attempt at conversation is unsuccessful portends serious changes in your family life.

A dream where the deceased grandmother comes to life is considered a negative one. This is a warning about issues to come as the result of drama and gossip from the people around you.


If your grandmother is berating you it means you need to choose your words more carefully when awake.

If the grandmother is wearing beautiful clothes with jewelry, your worries are completely unfounded. If she is wearing white clothes, you need to bring in more peace and calm to your life.

A dream where your grandmother is crying portends of conflicts, most likely ones with relatives. If your own kids are near your grandmother, this is a sign that you need to take better care of them because there are problems coming in the future that you can protect them from.

If you kiss your deceased grandmother, take care of your health. If you see the now dead woman kissing another person, watch out for serious health problems. In some cases this is even interpreted as death.

If you dream that you're sharing a meal with the deceased, this is yet another sign that you need to take care of your health before more serious problems arise.

If your departed grandmother is giving you money, be careful with your money in real life - you may become the victim of fraud or experience severe financial hardships.