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Mayans moved to another dimension with sacrifices

Mayans moved to another dimension with sacrifices

Mexican archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology made a unique finding discovered a thousand years ago.

On the Peninsula Yucatan scientists dug 11 underground stone temples, a 100-meter track and a few caves, discovering evidence that the Mayans inhibited the area.

According to the ancient traditions of Mayan, these caves are not only to protect people from bad weather but were also portals to other dimensions.

Today part of the underground space that archaeologists examined was flooded, however they believe that there is some issue that can translate one to another dimension.

According to the Mexican legends, it was thought that the underground was the Mayan City.

Interestingly, many of the archaeologists discovered the underground premises with human bones, providing the thought that to go through the underground portal to another world, the Mayan Civilization had to engage sacrifices.