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The characters of people with blonde hair

The characters of people with blonde hair

If we look at statistics, less than one person in fifty is naturally blonde hair. Blonde hair is considered sweet and flighty, silly even and because of that, their image has a sweeping influence as a media-cultural cliché, which is even present in the current electronic era.

That's not been the case in the past. In Shakespeare's time, the ideal of beauty and high spirituality was represented by the blonde woman with light skin and blue eyes .

Researchers that work on how hair color is associated with peculiarities of people’s characters, believe that holders of blonde hair conceal a very complex personality that does not fit within the limits of our banal characters.

Blondes have a much thinner hair texture than brunettes. This shows that, they have a much greater need of support and the approval of others, as well as attention and encouragement. Blonde people feel a need to be encouraged and receive timely feedback on whether they did something wrong and whether they are able to perform their designated assignment in flawless fashion.

They have the highest of standards for themselves and a strong sense of perfectionism. They are extremely sensitive, fragile, delicate and externally, this is given away by the lightness of their hair.

These people always have raging thoughts about what they can improve their lives with, achieve something significant that leaves a mark on the development of mankind. They think globally and successfully distance themselves from the desires of their ego and can almost always see others’ points of view.

They love to think and philosophize. Blonde people may seem slightly sluggish and slow at work, but that's because they do not like to rush, trying to do everything with meticulous attention to detail and try to get everything precisely finished.

When they are in love, they conceal it with great diligence and strangeness. They do not recognize what they feel, rather keeping distant, even disinterested and dismissive. This is due to their proud nature, intelligence and shyness that always make them hesitant and forces them to revisit a certain mental problem many times.

Blondes can easily indulge in dreaming, contemplation and meditation. When you feel isolated and lonely, they fall into despair and depression much easier than dark-haired individuals. Along with this, they are very generous and quick to do favors or lend money.

They insist on personal autonomy and independence, so at an early age they exhibit a more assertive personality and headstrong character. People love them because of their interestingly bizarre mood swings, their responsive and compassionate behavior, as well as romantic and idealistic world view.

These people can be relied on in any crisis situation. The only flaw is their excessive restraint, which can be interpreted as arrogance and apathy.

People with blonde hair are more constant in their feelings, being loyal and trusting. In European cultures, they are magnified as a model of purity, spiritual strength, innocence, spirituality and moral stoicism. To be better understood, their reticence has to be melted, communicate more with others and not be afraid to share feelings and problems.



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31.12.2012 23:16
True and it's anoying because people say I'm
Dumb because I'm blonde. When actually it's dumb
Brunettes dying their hair and giving us a bad name