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Quality Sleep Comes Easy with These Tips!

Jana G.Jana G.

In order to be in a good mood and able to work, we need to have gotten a good night's sleep. If we do not, we wake up in a bad mood, everything and everyone annoys us and we are unable to work the way we'd like to. With just a few tricks we'll learn how to sleep better and be in a good mood each and every day.

The room we sleep in is of utmost importance to a quality sleep. Air it out at least half an hour before going to bed, so that the air is fresh and pleasant and your sleep nice and sound. If you smoke in the bedroom, it's best to air it out right before bed, so you can sleep better.

Even if it's cold outside, your bedroom should be heated temperately. A person sleeps best at a temperature of about 70°F (21 °C) but unfortunately the majority of people overheat their bedrooms and sleep at temperatures higher than 80°F (25 °C) so they feel warm. This prevents them from sleeping well, they don't feel very able to work the next day and feel tired the entire time.

The other end of the spectrum isn't any good either - sleeping at temperatures below 60°F (17 °C) does not reflect well on the quality of sleep.


Don't think about anything work-related or any serious problems before falling asleep. You won't solve your problems, you'll just begin to think actively and won't sleep well, leaving you irritated the next day and having a hard time handling the things you need to.

Eating right is important for getting quality sleep. It's never good to go to bed hungry but it's even worse to go to bed after stuffing yourself silly. At dinner, eat products that help make it easier to fall asleep and sleep well. These include milk, honey, bananas, tuna, avocado.

If your pet sleeps on your bed, this may affect the quality of your sleep. Even if you don't wake up, the animal's movements in your bed can keep you stirring at night and unable to enjoy a deep sleep.

Don't start any serious discussions and don't get into debates before going to bed. The bed is designed for sleep and sex but if you'd like you can also read or watch TV in it.

However, reading and watching TV can also diminish your quality of sleep, so it's better to try to simply turn off the lamp and relax in bed, easing off into dreams.