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Was There a Conspiracy Against Tesla and Free Electricity?Was There a Conspiracy Against Tesla and Free Electricity?
14 Feb.
The theory goes that this was due to one of his ideas - wireless and free electricity. Tesla was ahead of the time he was living in and envisioned a world where electrical energy could be used freely....
Love Life According to your BirthdayLove Life According to your Birthday
27 Aug.
Experts believe that the birthday of every person determines their love life to a high degree. Here are descriptions of love life based on the day the person was born....
Life on Earth came from spaceLife on Earth came from space
22 Feb.
According to the theory of Albared, water which is the basis of life has extraterrestrial origin and we, the people really possibly do come from aliens....
How to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our HandHow to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our Hand
28 Mar.
Interpretation of the first shape Hands of the first shape are characterized by square palms and short fingers....
Our Oceans will Slowly EvaporateOur Oceans will Slowly Evaporate
31 Mar.
The increase in carbon dioxide levels can destroy life on planet Earth, claims a study recently published in Nature Communications journal....
How Gemstones Affect our DreamsHow Gemstones Affect our Dreams
10 Apr.
Jade It has the ability to make dreams prophetic or boost intuition in real life. 4. Amethyst It helps us find comfort and free ourselves of emotional blockades. Amethyst also makes our dreams more peaceful....
What Our Favorite Colors RevealWhat Our Favorite Colors Reveal
16 Oct.
It is preferred by prudent and cautious persons, who do not show their emotions....
How to improve our sensesHow to improve our senses
31 Mar.
They can be found in whole plants and fresh fruit and vegetables. In summer, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays....
Dreams, messages from our subconsciousDreams, messages from our subconscious
13 Mar.
\"consciously dreaming\" in which events appear related to the waking life....
Do dreams affect our decisions?Do dreams affect our decisions?
05 Dec.
Most people think that dreams mean something in real life, even if their content is actually nothing to do with it....
How to Bless Our HomeHow to Bless Our Home
07 Aug.
Blessing a home is a type of consecration, carried out as a celebration for a new home. It is also done after the accumulation of negative energy, such as a death or disease in the home. The home is among the things...
What is Our Dark Side?What is Our Dark Side?
28 May
According to psychologists, self-defining statements such as, "I am a hard worker, " or "I am a tolerant person, " show the subconscious rejection of the claims that the person is lazy or intolerant....
How to Control Our DreamsHow to Control Our Dreams
15 Apr.
Experts assure that lucid dreaming is completely safe, so give it your best shot....
Schumann Resonances Materialize Our WishesSchumann Resonances Materialize Our Wishes
11 Feb.
In the middle of the last century, a group of scientists from the University of Munich discovered that the ionosphere of the Earth forms a cavity of low-frequency waves, called Schumann resonances. According to nuclear...
Meaning of Colors and Numbers in Dreams According to FreudMeaning of Colors and Numbers in Dreams According to Freud
30 Oct.
Since it is the color of blood, red can also be the symbol of life....

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