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What is Our Dark Side?

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In analytical psychology, there is a term called a Shadow, with which experts define the dark side to every single person.

According to psychologists, self-defining statements such as, "I am a hard worker, " or "I am a tolerant person, " show the subconscious rejection of the claims that the person is lazy or intolerant.

Our shadow or dark side is everything we do not want to carry within us or live with, because in our conscious views, it is evil.

Most people are not familiar with their dark side, because it is formed by everything that they consciously reject and believe to be their opposite.

The shadow contains a huge amount of unrealized energy, with its roots coming from our prehistoric development with our primitive animal instincts.


The shadow encompasses the worst side of human nature, with its expressions being thought of as wrong and immoral.

In our aim to avoid conflicts and live in harmony with the manners and laws of society, we suppress our primitive instincts.

But even by suppressing them, they do not go away, but rather awaken in moments of crisis.

Besides being a source of primal instincts and negative traits, the shadow can also be a source of spontaneity, creativity and emotions.

Whenever the dark side is completely suppressed, a person becomes boring and lifeless.

By observing ourselves, we can determine the characteristics of our Shadow on our own. Determine for yourself:


1. What you dislike in others;

2. What you hate;

3. What provokes your hostility;

4. Which criticisms you cannot handle;

5. What you constantly surround yourself with;

6. What you are afraid of;

7. What your most common slips of the tongue are;

8. What kinds of dreams you have;

The shadow is the sum of all the characteristics of human nature that we reject and do not see or do not wish to see in ourselves.

The shadow is most often expressed due to:

1. Suppressed needs - refusal to admit your natural need of family, friends and love;

2. A past traumatic experience - if for example, you were often lied to as a child, you become furious whenever someone doesn't keep their promise;

3. Unacceptable qualities - for example, if you cannot accept your own stubbornness, you cannot accept that of others either;

The dark side can include aggression, vindictiveness, the impulse to cause pain or death.



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