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Connecting Dreams to Real Life

Connecting Dreams to Real Life

There are many questions presented to those who interest in finding out the depths of dream meanings, for example - Why do we dream? Where does the dream come from? What is the meaning of the dream? Do dreams hold any meanings? REM is part of the stages of sleep of which most humans experience, REM is the abreviation of ones rapid eye movement sleep.

It is said that the mood of the individual will manipulate and encourage a particlar theme of a dream. It is also said that the dream comes from the sub conscious part of us which lays deep within our brains that the dream is a way to release the sub conscious side of the individual. So for example; maybe there is something we needed to do, but failed to do so, this action leaves us conscious of this and therefore may stress it out through a dream. The meanings of a dream connect strongly with our moods, so in simple terms, if we are happy our dreams will remain happy, if we are anxious this could provoke a negative dream, to us known as nightmares.

Some interpretators see the dream process with the same respect of Greek mythology. They believe that when a Greek God appears in a dream the seeker will be healed or will recieve guidance upon waking up. Just the same as fortune telling, when someone reveals ones future we will be easily alarmed, this can have the power to trigger dream interpretations. We must always remember it is us that hold our future and not our dreams and fellow fortune tellers. The dreams should be used as a tool to guide us the same rule in greek mythology.

Nightmares and recurring dreams are not a nice experience for any of us and i guess never welcomed by us. It prokes one to be distraced with the dream and may frighten the dreamer, at the same time the meaning more times will be totally explainable. The bad dreams are of some importance at some point in ones life, it could be a tunnel to show you the meanings of the dream are related to what is happening in that particular time of your life. This is the vital message. You have to learn how to reconise and indulge properly the meanings of ones life.

Connecting Dreams to Real Life

The state of mind of the dreamer when one realises that infact one is dreaming this is a state known to us as a lucid dream. While one is having a goodnight sleep one is aware that one is inside a dream. The thought is terribly strange but true as this can happen. One feels like an actor making their own film, well aware of surroundings and ones actions. At the same time when one wakes only random selectedpoints of the dream can one remember!

There are many meanings to many to many dreams, some are infact very close to what is being experienced at the time of dreaming the dream. It is important not to loose sight of who is in control of our lives and furture and that is you the dreamer!



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Manish kumar
Manish kumar
31.08.2013 17:49
i thought dream is something that we want in our life. Suppose,if we want to do something but in real life we cant do then we do in our dream.But i wanted to know that sometime we dreamed from which we were totally unaware but after some time same thing happen in our real life.I think there must be relaton between real life and dream.
15.04.2013 19:27
I believe in dreams, like if you have wishes or waiting for something which is very important in your life or you lose hope. You will have dream that the meanings helps you to understand,to be patience and gives hope. But not all dreams has meaning.