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Our Luck in the New Year Depends on the Zodiac Signs at the Dinner Table

Antonia R.Antonia R.
New Year

To find out what fortune has in store for you throughout the new year, all you have to do is find out the zodiac signs of the people sitting to the left and right of you at the dinner table as January 1st rolls in.

It is believed that on New Year's Eve, the energy exchange between people is at its highest possible. That which fate has in store for us in the coming year is transferred to us by the people next to us on New Year's Eve.

Naturally, the choice of who we sit next to is not always random and if you have specific goals that you really want to achieve in the new year, sitting only next to the appropriate signs may be the key.

Aries - if you sat next to a representative of Aries on New Year's Eve, you can expect a higher leadership position in the new year. It also means that you won't have any problems with arguments and dramas.


Taurus - a person of this sign will grant you more patience in the new year. It indicates that you'll carefully consider your decisions and receive stability in every aspect. A Taurus means that nothing will escape your attention in the coming year.

Gemini - someone of this sign sitting by you portends that you will enjoy more freedom and independence in the new year. Also, if sitting next to a Gemini on New Year's Eve, expect an improvement in communication skills and memory.

Cancer - if sitting next to a representative of Cancer, harmonious relations with your family lie ahead. You will enjoy the coziness of home and tasty food more.

Leo - if sitting next to a Leo at the dinner table, you will meet tons of new friends in the new year. You will be more generous, confident in yourself and energetic.

Virgo - if sitting next to a representative of Virgo, your luck throughout the new year will be of an intellectual type. You will develop intellectually and master the skills for a new profession.

Libra - a person of this zodiac sign will enrich your cultural life throughout the new year. If you sit next to a Libra, you will visit more stage theaters and art galleries. Plus, you will further develop your negotiating skills.


Scorpio - a representative of this sign sitting next to you at the table will bring you greater success with the opposite sex in the new year. You'll also enjoy success if you're trying to get pregnant or get ahead professionally.

Sagittarius - a Sagittarius will provide you with more adventures and surprises throughout the new year. This means that you must define your goals clearly, for you will achieve them with ease.

Capricorn - this sign brings about greater success when it comes to real estate in the new year. You'll find common ground with your elder relatives, while for students it's a sign that they'll have no problems with education.

Aquarius - a representative of this sign indicates that you'll make a huge discovery in the new year. You'll find the right path to your biggest dream, completely casting off all your illusions.

Pisces - this sign is responsible for a strong intuition and if you sit next to a member of it, it means you'll have an unerring 6th sense in the new year. Pisces will bring superb success to those who work in a creative field or are involved in charity.