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Do This Color Test and Learn Everything About Yourself

Color Test
Image: psychojournal

To learn everything about yourself, simply complete this quick color test. Take a sheet of paper and write down the names of all the colors in the picture.

Start with the color that's most attractive to you and gradually move on toward the one that stirs the most unpleasant feelings in your mind.

After you're done with this task, it's time to find out what the symbolism of the order of the numbers means, according to famous psychologist prof. Max Lüscher.

The Swiss expert explains that the color which we've placed 1st represents our attitude toward life.

The 2nd color is an indicator of the most important thing in our lives at the moment. The 3rd and 4th colors reveal our current state.

The colors we've placed in the 5th and 6th positions represent something that we've parted with some time ago, which is going to return to us once again.

The colors placed in the final 2 positions illustrate the things which we need to relinquish permanently.


You can find out what meaning lies before each color.

1. Red

Red signifies the passion, intimate life, love, drive for new achievements, as well as jealousy.

2. Black

Black is linked to rebellion, disagreement with a position in life. It may also be a sign of concealed mental suffering.

3. Green

The color green characterizes conditions such as painful stubbornness and hardheadedness.

4. Brown


Hints at physical discomforts which we overlook or intentionally ignore.

5. Violet

This color embodies emotional imbalance, naiveness, escape from reality but also an attempt to find your own dreams.

6. Grey

Grey symbolizes self-absorption and a complete dismissal of external factors that aren't to your liking.

7. Yellow

The color yellow shows a desire for change and a heightened need for new emotions.

8. Blue

The color blue reveals qualities such as goodness, naiveness, sensitivity and vulnerability.