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Love Life According to your Birthday


Experts believe that the birthday of every person determines their love life to a high degree. Here are descriptions of love life based on the day the person was born.

Persons born on the 1st of the month love to control others. They are looking for a partner who will be their subordinate and fulfill all of their desires in bed and in love. They are egotists.

Individuals born on the 2nd are romantics. They are constantly searching for their partner and are ready to do anything for them once they find them.

For those born on the 3rd, presentation is the most important. They love to flirt and later present their achievements in a more colorful light. They're unpredictable in love and sex, the point being for their partner to talk about them afterward.

People born on the 4th of the month are traditionalists. According to them, if it ain't broken don't fix it.

Those born on the 5th are intelligent by nature and it's important to them for their partner to be the same. Looks don't matter to them, what does is the mutual benefit of the relationship.

Those born on the 6th love peace and harmony in their relations. They are seeking a partner who can provide them stability in life.

Individuals born on the 7th are snobs. In their relationships they try to mold their partner according to their own philosophical views.

People whose birthday falls on the 8th put others' happiness ahead of their own. Sex is important to them but is not the determining factor. The worst combination for them is having a partner born on the 1st.

Persons born on the 9th were also born under the sign of passion. They are irritable and temperamental. Due to their character they often confuse love for passion.

Those born on the 10th are leaders by nature. For them, everything is black and white, there's no middle ground.

Individuals born on the 11th love to fantasize. Love is crucial for them and they strive to make their partner see the world through their eyes.

Those born on the 12th are generous and giving when it comes to feelings, as well as in the material sense. For them the number 1 thing is for their partner to be satisfied.

Persons born on the 13th do not like changes and experimentation. They love certainty and preparation for everything ahead of time.

Persons born on the 14th possess a natural charm. They love flirting but not relationships. The need to be constantly stimulated in order to remain with their partner for longer.

Individuals born on the 15th are gifted with a remarkable glamour and the ability to influence others. Social prestige is important to them, therefore their chosen one must provide it.


To anyone born on the 16th, their own welfare and satisfaction is of the greatest importance. To get these, they are capable of doing anything, even trampling over their partner.

Any folks born on the 17th have a deep inborn spirituality and philosophical mind. They're looking for a partner who would bring them moral satisfaction and security above all else.

People born on the 18th are honest but also too forthright, which tends to be a cause of tension or confrontations.

Those born on the 19th are dictators when it comes to love and sex. They're always missing something and never stop seeking the satisfaction of their sometimes unrealistic needs.

Individuals born on the 20th are not materialistic and often choose the wrong person. They are seeking a partner with whom to experience spiritual closeness, while sex is secondary.

Individuals born on the 21st are adept at balancing dreams and reality, passion and pragmatism.

Persons born on the 22nd have need of a guardian. In sex they are pretentious and quickly lose interest if they don't like something.

Folks born on the 23rd are forthright but are always looking for someone to get them off the beaten path they've created. After they find them, they try to get that person to follow in their own footsteps.

Anyone born on the 24th is vulnerable. They are super sensitive and always looking for someone that will bring them deep emotions.

People born on the 25th never stop worrying about being lied to and are therefore always uneasy.

Persons born on the 26th are looking for a role model. Should they find the image of the perfect partner they've created in their mind, they will not be able to restrain the passion within them.

Individuals born on the 27th have the quality of infecting everyone around them with their enthusiasm. They are strong of character, often attracting weaker partners which would follow them.

For anyone born on the 28th, the most important thing is satisfaction. They are ready to do anything to achieve satisfaction spiritually and physically.

Those born on the 29th love to be directed at every turn. They tend to put up with anyone so that there's stability in their life.

Persons born on the 30th are perfectionists. For them, their partner needs to be rich not only materially but spiritually as well.

Those born on the 31st are sincere and devoted individuals who can be trusted. It's difficult for them to fall in love but if this does happen they are dedicated and loyal.