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Test Reveals your Personality Based on Sitting Position

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Sitting Style

Every action a person performs throughout the day reveals a little something about their personality. Depending on how a given person walks, talks, eats and usually moves, you can find out many hidden truths about them.

Each of us has their favorite position when we sit down. If it changes - it is the new one that reveals our attitude toward the given situation.

Body language has always been among the main methods for determining how one sees their surrounding environment and their attitude toward it. Sitting is an inseparable element of our bodily movements throughout the day and can reveal much.

Find out the 5 major positions people tend to sit in and what they mean.

Position 1 (Above Image)

Those who tend to naturally sit in this position are quite spontaneous by nature. They move lightly and everything around them falls into place without a problem. They tend to live by their own rules and don't care about the words and opinions of others. Sometimes they neglect otherwise important issues way too easily. They easily quit and distance themselves. They live in their own micro-universe and are friendly toward everyone.

Position 2


These individuals are thinkers. They're full of ideas but at the same time guard them jealously. They never share them, fearing that others will steal them. Their aura radiates mistrust toward the surrounding world. The crossed posture reveals that they're introverts. At the same time you can talk to them for hours on end. They understand the feelings of others and easily put themselves in their shoes. They never judge, yet always correctly evaluate each situation. This is why they need to be appreciated for who they are.

Position 3

Sitting Position

They are a symbol of confidence and self-awareness. They know themselves better than anyone. Knowing when they are wise and when they are weak, they can use this to their advantage. Extroverts, they love being surrounded by many people and being the center of attention. For them, life is a party. They can at times be slightly arrogant but deep inside they are some of the most benign people on Earth. Open legs signify their confidence and open attitude toward the world.

Position 4

Sitting Some More

These individuals are kind and gentle, while also exceptionally rough at times. Usually this is a good thing because they simply never hide their opinions, expressing them directly. The downside is they never think about themselves and always place others' needs before their own. They're capable of doing absolutely anything, even the unthinkable, to help their loved ones. Love, not reason, is what guides them in life.

Position 5

Woman Sitting

Absolute perfectionists. They look for the smallest details in every single aspect. These persons are ambitious and goal-oriented, always following their dreams. All of these traits allow them to be very patient but this same patience must not be tested. Besides that, they can be particularly mysterious in their ways. They're so secretive that others share their most intimate secrets with them without thinking too much about it. Their legs at an angle indicate a reliable person who can keep secrets.