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A Dark Office = Less SleepA Dark Office = Less Sleep
08 Aug.
During the summer heat, sleep can be a real challenge, especially for people who don't have air conditioners, with which to cool off at home....
What Leads to Poor Sleep?What Leads to Poor Sleep?
24 June
If the room is too hot, this also has an influence on sleep, which is why it's best to avoid such conditions....
Why do We Sleep on Pillows?Why do We Sleep on Pillows?
10 Nov.
If you sleep on your side or on your stomach, you need an appropriate anatomical model. Choosing the right pillow contributes to getting proper rest and quality sleep....
Sleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatmentSleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatment
27 July
Cutting out on caffeine products which consequently aid anxiety, is much beneficial, especially hours before sleeping, also those food and drinks with high sugar content should be avioded too....
Feng Shui principles for good sleepFeng Shui principles for good sleep
13 Mar.
To sleep well, never locate your bed against a mirror. People, who sleep on this bed, can have health problems....
Sleep helps us remember new informationSleep helps us remember new information
19 Sept.
Volunteers who slept more hours, were able to cope with new vocabulary tests, which showed that new words are transmitted by the hippocampus in the neo core during sleep....
Sleep disorders can be very dangerousSleep disorders can be very dangerous
26 Feb.
Canadian scientists highlighting a variety of unusual sleep disorders which are called sexsomnia. This is a particular condition in which the sleeper has sex without being aware....
Mutated gene makes us sleep lessMutated gene makes us sleep less
08 Feb.
It was found that less sleep is dangerous to health, it lowers the mood, leading to depression and diseases of the endocrine system....
Sleep Cleanses the Body of ToxinsSleep Cleanses the Body of Toxins
04 Feb.
While we sleep, our body cleanses itself from toxins, this being yet another function of sleep, state scientists from the University of Rochester....
Sleep Depends on What We EatSleep Depends on What We Eat
16 Sept.
A normal sleep, according to the experts, is one that lasts 7-8 hours, while a long one is considered to be one lasting more than 9 hours....
Proven! We Hear Even During SleepProven! We Hear Even During Sleep
23 Sept.
The results are definitive - the human brain remains awake even while we sleep. During sleep, certain areas of our brain remain active and react to stimuli and sounds from the surrounding environment....
How to Get Enough Sleep QuicklyHow to Get Enough Sleep Quickly
15 Aug.
It's rare for someone to say that they've gotten enough sleep. School, work, having kids - all lead to a constant need for wakefulness, which has a detrimental effect on the body....
Lack of Sleep Provokes False MemoriesLack of Sleep Provokes False Memories
15 Aug.
Those participants who were deprived of sleep were more likely to claim that they had seen something, which in reality they hadn't seen, as opposed to those who slept the entire night....
Excess Sleep is Dangerous as WellExcess Sleep is Dangerous as Well
04 July
A past study has shown that getting enough sleep is of significant importance because the brain cleanses itself while the body sleeps, removing harmful toxins, which have accumulated throughout the day....
Don't Sleep Over Intersecting Hartmann LinesDon't Sleep Over Intersecting Hartmann Lines
28 June
It is most unhealthy to sleep in areas where the so-called Hartmann lines intersect....