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Don't Sleep Over Intersecting Hartmann Lines

Nina NordNina Nord

British scientists claim that the best time to sleep is between sunset and midnight. According to them, the best time to work is during the first hours of the day after sunrise.

The optimum time to fall asleep is 9 PM - 10 PM, since there is a physiological decrease in energy between 10 PM and 11 PM, while an increased tide of energy begins after midnight. You will wake up more easily around 6 AM instead of at 7 AM, when the drop in energy commences once again.

It is most unhealthy to sleep in areas where the so-called Hartmann lines intersect. It has been proven that lines on the Earth form a geobiological network - the Hartmann grid, with north-south lines at a distance of 6 feet 8 inches (2 meters) from one another and east-west lines at 8 feet 4 inches (2.5 meters) from one another.

The place where we live and work is divided into imaginary rectangles, with the 4 angles forming their boundaries - the places where the lines intersect.


People who spend a great amount of hours at such intersections get sick more easily and constantly suffer from headaches. You can easily find the points of intersection using a pendulum. Make it using thread and a ring or a bracelet of a nonmagnetic material.

First, inspect your bed and desk, by slowly passing over them with the pendulum. Whenever it is above a Hartmann line, the pendulum will swing, and at points of intersection, it will spin. If within the inside of the rectangle, it will be unmoving. The bed and desk need to be within the rectangle, without falling onto the lines and even worse - on the points of intersection.


Look to your pet animals - cats and dogs never lie in areas where the lines intersect. Dogs usually prefer to be within the rectangle, while cats lie on the lines as well.

If you know anyone who does water dowsing, ask them to check if you don't live or work above an area where 2 underground rivers converge.

Such an area is no less harmful than the points of intersection of Hartmann lines. Their negative influence can be neutralized by placing a mirror facing the floor, a marble tile, clay, a bunch of garlic or onions under the bed, right above the point of intersection.