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Feng Shui principles for good sleep

Feng Shui principles for good sleep

To sleep well, never locate your bed against a mirror. People, who sleep on this bed, can have health problems.

The bed should be positioned so that the part on which the pillows fall faces the most favorable direction for you. When you lie down, your head should be in a direction that is right for you.

You can find out for yourself. If you lie down and feel some discomfort, move your bed in different directions until you feel that everything is fine.

Never place the bed so that your feet point towards the door or window. Your head should not be by a wall where there is a door. Over your head, you should not hang anything.

Do not place your bed between the window and door. By the bed there should be no sources of electricity. The distance from the power point should not be less than five feet.

Do not hang over the bed large chandeliers and lamps. Pictures, shelves and massive floor lamps are not recommended to hang over the door. In the bedroom, do not put many plants because they will disrupt your sleep.

Feng Shui principles for good sleep

Fireplaces, fountains and aquariums also are not recommended in the bedrooms. If your bedroom is combined with a study, place the bed so that you do not see it from your desk.

The bed should not be in the center of the room. On one side there should be protection and support in the form of a wall. Under the bed, you should not have boxes and unnecessary things.

The space under the bed must be clean and free. Move the furniture near your bed so that sharp corners do not link to your bed. The best for the bed is for it to be placed in the farthest corner from the entrance.

You should see the door from the bed. If the bedroom has a computer or TV, cover them with a piece of fine cloth at night. In the master bedroom do not put a small bed, and vice versa.

If you have a house on two floors, the bed should not be above or below the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. This violates the energy of your sleep and you may suffer from insomnia.