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Sleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatment

Sleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatment

In this day and age, sleeping disorders are not just common but are considered a very dangerous disorder, especially in some extreme cases, such as sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep for several nights can lead not only to serious health issues but also one's efficiency to cope with day to day tasks, driving for example, sleep deprivation is a common cause for road traffic accidents. No matter how hard the effected try to sleep they just find it merely impossible to do so.


Anxiety and stress is a common cause for sleep related disorders. Feeling your body tired and wanting to relax is one thing, but the disconnection of the brain and body is a fine example as the brain involuntarily takes charge not just of the mind but the body too. Even if one manages to get a little sleep it is pointless to the mind and body as both fail to get the much needed rest.


Periods of fear and apprehension commonly known as panic attacks, with further symptons of an over whelming feeling of your heart throbbing, trembling, hypoventilation, nausea and so on. Commonly these symptons will occure during the night time, during the late stages of sleep! The woken person if woken will be unable to get back to sleep, feeling restless and tired will not aid sleep in this instance. As stress and worry takes over the desire to sleep is rapidly lost, this goes back to the causes, the mind and body working overtime involuntarily, provoking sleep disorders. If this all stems from a real life on going stressful phase in ones life period then this can undoubtingly become a serious problem of sleep deprivating.


Physical treatments are proven to be the best solutions to sleep disorders, exercising serval hours before sleeping is a great way to release the body of stress, relieving tense muscles further leading to the body being able to relax. Other physical treaments include those of dietry needs, or rather what is not needed in the effected's diet! Cutting out on caffeine products which consequently aid anxiety, is much beneficial, especially hours before sleeping, also those food and drinks with high sugar content should be avioded too.

Meditation is also another proven way to aid sleep, aid the body to relax and the mind to let go of the stress caused by day to day activities, meditation is known to aid a sound sleep, to body and mind. And last but least medication can be prescribed by your doctor in extreme cases, however this is a tempoary aid to good sound sleep and won't stay effective for long and also can have side effects. Long term physical treatment has been proven the ultimate solution.

Sleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatment

Maintaining good sleeping habbits help us fall to sleep easily. For example, keeping a clean comfortable bedroom, using the bedroom for sleeping purposes only allows the body and mind to subconciously relate the bedroom with sleeping only, reading and t.v in the bedroom is advised to be avoided in such cases. Routine is also a great way to aid sleep, having a particular bed time hour and that of a waking up hour too, this also aids the body clock. Avoid sleeping in the day.

Other tips are to turn the clock around in order not to see the face upon waking, taking a warm bath or showe before bed, again aiding body and mind. However failing all this it is again strongly advised and reitterated time and time again that sleep disorders and result in very serious health issues for example; a break down in the immune system, a change in personality and so on, and therefore should seek professional help!