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The asteroid Apophis may pass us

The asteroid Apophis may pass us

The asteroid Apophis, may pass us in 2036.

Scientists from NASA found that the risk of a catastrophic collision has been considerably less than they thought.

The asteroid Apophis may pass us

269, 75-meter asteroid Apophis, is directed towards the Earth and was discovered in 2004.

Initially it was believed that the probability of the asteroid to crash into Earth on April 13, during the year of 2036 is 1 to 45 000.

Now that possibility is very small - 1 to 250 000. It emerged after scientists estimated trajectory of the asteroid.

Astronomer's Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA said the asteroid's orbit has been studied again, because their colleagues from Hawaii analyzed so far unpublished photographs of the team who gave NASA a better understanding of the position of Apophis.

According to recent calculations Apophis should pass 29 450 kilometers above Earth in 2029.