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The Ciphers That Remain UndecodedThe Ciphers That Remain Undecoded
04 Nov.
a man was found on Somerton beach in Adelaide, Australia. The man was wearing a thick sweater and coat, even though it was very hot that time of year. There were no clues found about his identity, while his teeth...
Spooky! The Cursed Items That Foment DisasterSpooky! The Cursed Items That Foment Disaster
24 Oct.
crown of British queen Elizabeth II. But what are the other possessions notorious for their sinister effects? Find out below. 1. The Car Little Bastard For many years it has been said that an ominous curse hung...
The Crystals That Ward off Negative EnergyThe Crystals That Ward off Negative Energy
26 June
if you don't sleep well and often have nightmares. It's believed that this type of crystal lifts the spirit and frees one from their fears. When worn as jewelry it will raise your self-confidence, while also bringing...
The Epic Battles That Ended Entire EmpiresThe Epic Battles That Ended Entire Empires
24 Mar.
Peloponnesian War was one of the bloodiest and most extensive conflicts in Antiquity. During the struggle that continued for more than 30 years, Sparta and Athens fought over dominance of Greece. Athens sent an...
The Rulers That Even History ForgotThe Rulers That Even History Forgot
06 Feb.
even sure of his exact name. In his time, that name inspired horror. When he ascended the throne he was the head of a small crumbling country but after 40 years of rule he left behind a tremendous empire, stretching...
The Crime of Passion That Shook HollywoodThe Crime of Passion That Shook Hollywood
01 June
also associated with a dreadful murder, which still remains shrouded in mystery. When talking about the first stages of the film industry, the first name that pops up is that of William Desmond Taylor - actor and...
The Animals That Possess Real SuperpowersThe Animals That Possess Real Superpowers
17 Apr.
Over the course of billions of years, evolution has produced creatures perfectly adapted to their particular environment. These include abilities which we humans would label as superpowers if we ourselves possessed them...
The Zodiac Signs That Cheat Most OftenThe Zodiac Signs That Cheat Most Often
16 Mar.
various types of sites. The results showed that among men, the representatives of the sign of Pisces were most likely to cheat, while for women it was representatives of Gemini. Astrologers explain that Pisces...
The Philae Probe Will Reveal the Secrets of the UniverseThe Philae Probe Will Reveal the Secrets of the Universe
13 Nov.
the Rosetta probe. The mission's goal is to uncover the secrets of the Universe by studying the comets that are thought to be some of the primary remains from the formation of the Solar System 4.6 billion years ago...
Will the End of the World Happen Suddenly?Will the End of the World Happen Suddenly?
26 Feb.
German physicists have announced that the end of the universe as we know it is coming and that the process has already begun. The scientists are of the opinion that the end will be sudden, as the result of a great...
Love in the Year of the SnakeLove in the Year of the Snake
25 Feb.
With the advent of a new year, many of us are excited about what lies ahead, what will happen, or at least what to expect. 2013 is the year of the snake according to the Chinese calendar. We can speculate on it for...
The most depressing days of the yearThe most depressing days of the year
22 Sept.
another week, which will be just as miserable and hopeless as before. If every Monday is a challenge, the last Monday in January is the most depressing and sad day. On this day, many people feel that everything is over...
The Year of the Sun: 2017The Year of the Sun: 2017
13 Jan.
. Throughout this year we'll have to rely on the experience we've gained so far. We're going to have plenty of energy and strength to go forward but we mustn't overlook the things that have happened to us in the past...
The Largest Sunspot in 20 YearsThe Largest Sunspot in 20 Years
13 Nov.
Sunspots are part of the Sun's surface. Their temperature is several times less than that of the surrounding areas. Thus, when observed from the Earth, these cooler zones look darker against the encircling photosphere...
Dispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramidsDispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramids
22 May
rulers would hardly give their salute to bury them in graves near the pyramid and themselves. Scientists also believe that no more than 10 thousand workers built the Great Pyramid. The Egyptian Council on antiquity...

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