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A Look at How the World will be Like in 2030

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The world is developing at a rapid pace. Prognoses by the World Economic Forum about how it'll look like in 15 years are beyond mind blowing.

In the year 2030, humans will have artificial hearts at their disposal, ones printed by 3D printers, a lifestyle without meat and shopping malls, and why not space tourism too? This is the kind of picture experts are painting. These prognoses may seem unbelievable at first glance but they're not impossible.

3D Printer

In this near future, we're not going to have any need of cars. The reason for this is that communication and transportation are going to be unbelievably cheap. Malls are going to close down because everyone's going to be shopping via their phone. Cell phones themselves will be chips implanted in the skin of one's hand.

Healthcare in just 15 years is going to be unlike anything we have at the moment. Everything is going to be so much more simplified because machines will be able to create internal organs and change them out painlessly. Doctors will be replaced by nano-robots, capable of healing our cells no matter the health issue. Drugs will completely disappear.

The near future will belong to vegetarians. Meat is going to be taken off the pedestal it's on now. Currently, the average American eats 264.5 lb (120 kg) of meat annually, while the average Australian eats 249 lb (113 kg). However, in the year 2030, meat on the table is going to be an exception.


The reason for the decreased consumption of meat is going to be both an ecological and economical one. The number of animals raised for their meat will decrease but you can always have a steak made of stem cells. The current price for a stem cell steak is $1000 but over the next few years, it's expected to drop to between $3-5.

2030 is also going to astonish us with travels to distant destinations. More and more people will be able to afford a vacation on the Moon. Those with more humble finances will be able to orbit around the world. The World Economic Forum makes even bolder predictions. According to experts, man will surely reach Mars in 15 years.