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The Oldest Man in the World is from Chile! His Age will Shock you

Image: Canal 13

A man from Chile is the oldest in the world. Or at least that's what the personal documents of Celino Villanueva report, listing his year of birth as 1896.

The life of 121-year-old Celino has been one of tribulations. All his life, the farmer has been fighting poverty and never was able to create a family. One day, when his house was destroyed by fire, he was left on the street, without any documents.

Luckily, a woman named Marta showed him mercy and took him into her house. At that time, he was 99 years old, while suffering from numerous health problems.

Celino ID
Image: Canal 21

He could hardly see, hear and found it difficult to move. Despite this, he was always smiling and outgoing and Marta found his company enjoyable. The woman began caring for him but never could have imagined, even in her wildest dreams, that he would live to such an old age.

After learning that Celino's original documents had burned in the fire, his new friend turned to authorities to issue him new ones. Following a check at the statistical office it was found that the man was born on July 25, 1896.

This makes him 4 years older than the current Guinness World Record holder Nabi Tajima (aged 117), as well as the oldest person in the world.