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Phenomenon: Disappeared American jumps in time

Phenomenon: Disappeared American jumps in time

Hollywood movies have had and do have a consistency for making movies themed on time, whether it be in the past or jumping forward to the future. Even if you think the subject is ludicrous this phenomenon really does have specific condidtions.

In the year of 1952 in New York, an incident of a car crash ended in the fatality of one man. However his fatality began by him just appearing from no where. The eyewitness said that he appeared quite unexpectedly, as if he dropped from somewhere above.

Phenomenon: Disappeared American jumps in time

The man was wearing a suit made from so many years ago, in his pocket they found a knife made from the beginning of the previous century (19th century) and upon his wrist he wore a silver watch. The man was also found holding identity documents which were issued 80 years previous to the incident.

The street from his documents actually no longer existed in that day in New York and was eradicated half a century previous to the day of the incident. The police searched the archives for people with the same surname from the same neighborhood, they later came across a very old lady who identified the man as her father. The lady went on to say that her father went out to walk around Broadway and never returned. The lady showed a photograph of the man she claimed to be her father, and it showed that it was the man in the incident even so he was wearing the same suit.

The phenomenon is known in metaphysics as a loop of Hedel. According to the metaphysics it is possible to move through time if the bridge of time transition in space is found.