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What are people born in the year of the rabbit like


If you were born in any year of the Rabbit, and you need to know what color is your protector according to the Chinese calendar. If your date of birth is 25.01.1963 -12.02.1964 year, you are born in the Year of the Black Rabbit and are subject to water.

You are a blue rabbit and your element is wood, if your date of birth is 11.02.1975 to 30.01.1976 year. You are the hare and red, your element is fire you if you were born between 29.01.1987 - 16.02. 1988.

Yellow Rabbit you if you were born between 02/19/1939 - 02/07/1940 02/16/1999 or - 2/4/2000, your earthly element. Metal element for you, and you are a white rabbit, if you were born between 06.02.1951 and 26.01.1952 and the period 03.02.2011 - 22.01.2012 year.

Rabbit is very intelligent, observant, peaceful, friendly, romantic and very loyal to those who they truly love. Its negative qualities are that it is pedantic and too busy with itself.

Rabbits are great diplomats, actors, teachers, priests, and businessmen. People who were born in years of Rabbit, are talented and ambitious, they all have confidence.

They do not like conflict situations, have many friends, and welcoming. Their house is always open for friends. They are good listeners, but do not like to talk about themselves.

They strive to please others and always pay attention to people's problems. In love, they often choose to hold their position rarely openly show desires.

Mutual love is a priceless gift for them, and it is very important for representatives of this sign. They do not like solitude and can make sacrifices to get love and attention.

The best partners are the Goat and Rabbit pig. Rabbit is a pleasant companion, elegant, modest and reserved. They speak well and have a true assessment of their qualities.

He loves to be in society and the public loves him. Loves friendly gatherings and even tends to gossip, but in a thoughtful and sophisticated manner.

Rabbit strikes a difficult balance because he is calm and unperturbed. It is more sentimental than sensitive. His personal troubles make him more upset than global catastrophes.

Rabbit is a conservative. He hates everything which could shake the foundations of his life and can cause complications. He is king of the bargain and it is very dangerous in business.

The rabbit is the perfect lawyer or diplomat, but only if it believes that there are many risks in this profession. Good and caring to those he loves, rabbit is easily separated from his loved ones, for his friends.

He rarely has a sense of responsibility towards the family and often refers to his own children to strangers, preferring friends to them.

The rabbit can be seen well with those born under the sign of the dog, but it drives the Cock mad. The rabbit must escape from Devil Rat as partner, and its relations with Tiger will always be on edge.

The rabbit will live a wonderful life, if during the three phases of their lives, they do not face dramatic situations.

Conflicts are not for rabbits, but if you get there, it can lead them to suicide, or to escape from their homeland.