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What the Year of the Pig Will be Like for you and Loved Ones

Year of Pig

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2019 is the Year of the Pig. This is also the last zodiac sign of the Chinese horoscope. Specifically for it, every year represents a certain sign, with 12 signs in total.

The year will be loaded with luck. It's the ideal time to start new undertakings because according to the Chinese zodiac all of them will bring you luck and good monetary gains. What's expected is a truly positive year in all aspects for all signs because the pig, the animal symbol of this sign, attracts luck. As such, it's recommended to keep a figurine of a pig somewhere in your home. It will bring you prosperity, as well as help attract the energy to you.

Overall, all signs will enjoy positive energy, new opportunities, success in undertakings. During the Year of the Pig, good financial status is expected for the representatives of the various signs.


Most of the people who haven't yet found love will find it this year, while those who have already found their partners will live with them in harmony. Of course, certain challenges may be expected on the love front - what we need to learn in the year of the Pig is that we need to make compromises, to swallow our ego and correctly determine our priorities in life.

All signs will face challenges along the way. What we'll learn during the current year is how to swallow our ego, how to better our judgement, when to take a break, what our priorities are.

2019 is the time to focus on ourselves, our family and loved ones. It's also the year when we need to value ourselves more.


During the Year of the Pig, the Chinese zodiac recommends we get rid of everything toxic - habits, relationships, people. Because harmony is the accent of the year, we can only live in complete harmony when we feel inner peace and satisfaction.

The year will end on January 24, 2020, so take advantage of everything the Year of the Pig has prepared for you. And believe that it's for the better.