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What Will Happen in March According to the Star Aspects?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

As they travel between the zodiac signs during the month of March, the planets will incite us to be more calm and patient. Taking risks and hasty actions won't bring successes.

If you've decided to start a diet during March, the most suitable days to do this will be from March 1 - 8 and March 23 - 31 because the moon will be waning throughout those 2 periods, which helps dieting, unlike the period of the waxing moon - between March 9 - 22, when, no matter how much you starve yourself, you won't lose any weight.

March 9 is the 1st solar eclipse, coinciding with the New Moon in Pisces simultaneously. This will boost the intuition of most people, so it's recommended we listen to our inner voice on that day.

During the 1st days of March, Venus and Saturn form a positive sextile. It will bring more harmony in our relationships with coworkers and push us to take on more responsibilities at work.

From March 1- 6, the Sun and Saturn form a tense square and if we make mistakes during that period, we must not sweep everything under the rug but openly admit our shortcomings and ask for forgiveness.

On March 6, Mercury transitions from Aquarius into Pisces, making communication less clear. Most will rely on hints to communicate across what they'd like to, while for others it will be hard to find the most suitable words for their thoughts.


On March 7, Mars enters Sagittarius, which will raise the risk of accidents while traveling, especially abroad. The Red Planet's position requires us to be more mindful of others and seek common ground with them, not live like a lone wolf.

On March 8, the Sun is in direct opposition with Jupiter, which is why it's advised to be more frugal, as unnecessary generosity and spontaneous purchases will reflect on your financial stability until the end of the month.

Starting March 13, Venus will be moving through the zone of the sign of Pisces, which will bring non-singles even closer together, while singles will meet individuals who provoke their interest. But feelings will be unclear and most people will need time to figure out their emotions with certainty.

March 23 is the full moon of the month in the sign of Libra. It will present us new opportunities for growth but we'll have to approach our goals slowly and with caution.

On March 31, a conjunction forms between Mercury and Uranus, giving a thrust to our creative thought. Those individuals who use their creativity will be successful and satisfied.