Dreams of Angels and Vampires

Dreams of Angels and Vampires

An angel with large outspread wings is a sign of upcoming good news. Oftentimes, an angel appears in a dream to help you resolve some type of serious problem.


Dream Interpretations

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Dream Interpretations - Dreams of Cliffs and Floods

Dreams of Cliffs and Floods


If you dream of falling off a cliff, this means that you will face a serious danger and experience a great sense of fear. If you manage to hold on to the edge of the cliff, a horrible misfortune will pass you by.

Dream Interpretations - Colors in Dreams

Colors in Dreams


If the color black is predominant in your dream, this symbolizes uncertainty, danger, a secret, death, hatred and malice. The color white in a dream suggests that you want to hide something even from the people closest to you but you don't know how.

Dream Interpretations - What it Means if you Dream of a Breakup

What it Means if you Dream of a Breakup


Whenever you dream of a breakup with your beloved, this means that in reality both of you will be together for quite a long time. Your relationship will be incredibly strong and nothing will get in its way. The chance for marriage in due time is high.

Dream Interpretations - Dreams of Fish and Crabs

Dreams of Fish and Crabs


If you see an empty aquarium in your dream, this signifies that there is a serious meeting with friends to come, where you will meet a person important to you.

Dream Interpretations - Dreams About Hair

Dreams About Hair


If in your dream, you put a lot of gel in your hair, this reveals your willingness to smooth out relations with a person close to you. If your hair is falling in your dream, this shows that you are depressed.

Dream Interpretations - If You Dream of Combing Your Hair - Expect Riches

If You Dream of Combing Your Hair - Expect Riches


If you dream of plaited hair, expect bitterness and disappointment in love. A dream where you cut your hair foreshadows unpleasant things. A dream where your hair falls off prophesies horrible problems.

Dream Interpretations - Do dreams affect our decisions?

Do dreams affect our decisions?


Experts have concluded that large numbers of people, regardless of nationality, believe in the power of prophetic dreams, and that they predict future events. Dreams influence our decisions.

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