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The dead come to us with a prophetic dream missions

Dead Relatives

In the course of U.S. research it shows that during sleep 60% of women and 40% of men visit the deceased relatives. In the dream they are alive and meet with the dead, talk to each other, and often reveal secrets.

Some skeptics say it is just a lot of nonsense. It becomes tragedy for those who have such experience but become too afraid to share theirs with others, an oncologist discovers after collecting evidence after the stories of over one thousand people.

The study of the brain indicates that the area of the cerebral cortex, the department responsible for logical thinking, is off when we sleep. Parts of the brain that are activated after sleep are related to the imagination and emotions.

In 1999, a four year old son died from complications after surgery of the tonsils. Shortly after wards, the little boy started to appear in Glenn's dreams. In 2002, he dreamed a dream that his son met with his two boys. "He told me that he should leave, but these guys will stay with me''. When he woke up he told his wife that their son had not visited them that night.

Lord, who leads a manufacturing company in New Hampshire, says that the last dream was a message from his son Noah, he was well, and a reminder that there are other children who need love.

In late 2002, Glenn and his wife became a foster family and took two brothers and adoptions from Russia.

Visits to the dead in dreams of living are generally brighter and less in need of interpretation. In these dreams, who died of severe disease are healthy. If the earth lived in a wheelchair a dream can go.

"These dreams can sought that they are" prophetic "for those who dream, " suggested Bill Guggenheim, co-founder of independent research group After Death Communication Project.

Women are more open to potential signals in their sleep, while men rarely talk about it, say researchers. Guggenheim suggests that men are afraid of being regarded as eccentrics by others.



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28.02.2013 22:43
this couldnt be more true. i see my father almost every week and he tells me all sorts of things that have helped me.