Meaning of Colors and Numbers in Dreams According to Freud

Meaning of Colors and Numbers in Dreams According to Freud

Red - symbolizes aggression, passion and danger. Since it is the color of blood, red can also be the symbol of life. Yellow - a symbol of intelligence. Gray - this is the color of depression.


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Dream Interpretations - Meaning of Butterflies in Dreams

Meaning of Butterflies in Dreams


If in your dream you see a butterfly that has landed on a beautiful flower or a blade of grass, this means that someone is spreading false rumors about you, to slander your name.

Dream Interpretations - Freud's Dream Dictionary - Part 2

Freud's Dream Dictionary - Part 2


Chains in a dream are a symbol of limitations. If you are chained, it means that you are subconsciously placing some kinds of restrictions on yourself in life. If you are chaining some type of animal, it indicates that you are suppressing your sexuality.

Dream Interpretations - Sigmund Freud's Dream Dictionary

Sigmund Freud's Dream Dictionary


If you're curious about what's truly bugging you, go to an expert who can fully interpret the meanings. Here are some of the most commonly seen images and their basic interpretation based on psychoanalysis.

Dream Interpretations - Dreams of Being Pregnant

Dreams of Being Pregnant


If you dream that you are pregnant, this means that you are ready to realize a new idea and experience some new feeling. It may be a sign that you really are pregnant.

Dream Interpretations - Dreams of Natural Phenomena

Dreams of Natural Phenomena


If you dream of a breeze - pleasant, even though insignificant, events will take place in your life soon. A storm in a dream is a sign of changes in your fate, which will entirely change your life.

Dream Interpretations - Dreams of Relatives and Friends

Dreams of Relatives and Friends


Our psyche does not coincidentally choose certain images from our subconscious. If you're starting a new project or have been appointed to a new job and you dream of a friend of yours, the project will be successful.

Dream Interpretations - Dreams That Predict Misfortune

Dreams That Predict Misfortune


Among the most horrifying dreams that portend death, are those with a bat and screech owl. If you're picking mushrooms in your dream or someone is handing you picked mushrooms, you will irrevocably lose something important to you.

Dream Interpretations - Dreams of Birds

Dreams of Birds


Whenever you grab a bird with your hands in a dream, this is a sign that great success awaits you. If in a dream you kill a bird, you or your loved ones will suffer financially.

Dream Interpretations - What Recurring Dreams Mean

What Recurring Dreams Mean


According to modern psychology, recurring dreams signify something very important to us. The subconscious uses the method of repetition to imprint some truly crucial message in our conscious.

Dream Interpretations - If you Dream of Raw Meat - Expect to Fall Sick

If you Dream of Raw Meat - Expect to Fall Sick


If you dream of raw meat, this without a doubt means disease and you can find confirmation of this in every single dream dictionary.

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