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True short stories from the users of True stories of ghosts, love, the paranormal and success. You will find spooky, paranormal and horror short stories. You too can share your story or dream with us and get advice or the interpration of your dreams.
My Best and Craziest FriendsMy Best and Craziest Friends
12 Nov.
Hey there. Today I've decided to share with you my memories of my best friends. Everyone has good friends and keeping them forever is the best because to have a friend means not only knowing them but also helping each...
I can't forget himI can't forget him
06 Nov.
Hi everyone! I'm a 14 year old girl. Last summer vacation at the beach I met a very beautiful boy. We liked each other from the very start. We started going out etc. We were together for 1 week and it was wonderful. I ...
They Seem to Have Destroyed All of My Self EsteemThey Seem to Have Destroyed All of My Self Esteem
04 Nov.
Hello all! I am a 14 year old girl. I was in 7th grade earlier this year and had 2 friends I was very close with. But one day they came to class and started making fun of me, telling me that I had conspired to turn the...
I heard the laughter of a dead babyI heard the laughter of a dead baby
28 Oct.
Hi again! I'd like to share another story that happened to me some time ago. All of the stories I post are real and I'm not making anything up. So anyway, here's my story. A month ago there was a period of 2-3 weeks wh...
I dreamed I was getting marriedI dreamed I was getting married
27 Oct.
So I had a dream I was getting married to a girl I've never seen before. The minister said: "I now pronounce you husband and wife" and then I kissed her. Then we got in my aunt's car and went to my home town. And when ...
I Literally Have No One, Help MeI Literally Have No One, Help Me
22 Oct.
Hello all, I'm 15 years old, right when you have your first friend to share or even better, a girlfriend, most of you are probably lucky but I'm not. Let me explain. . . I've liked a girl for 3 years now, there's no ...
I saw my own body from up highI saw my own body from up high
22 Oct.
Hello, About a year ago I suffered an accident and nearly lost my life. At one point I saw my own body from up high, I heard people talking and felt lighter than a feather, I was not scared, I was lucky to survive. And...
Scary Doll DreamScary Doll Dream
08 July
The dream started off with me sitting on my bed on my iPad when I felt something on my sholder. So I knew my iPad could reflect what was on my sholder, so I moved my iPad so I could see what it was. When I looked I froze...
Ouija Board DreamOuija Board Dream
07 July
It started when I was at this weird creepy garden, a person was in front of me, sitting on the cold hard dirt. The garden was obviously not taken care as there was plants growing randomly out of the ground. It was dark a...
Those Aliens and all ...Those Aliens and all ...
27 May
Hello! So I had this wierd dream. I don't remember the starting or maybe this is the starting itself : I was in my dad's car sitting in the back seat and maybe my bro was sitting in the front seat, driving on the highwa...
The phone callThe phone call
15 Jan.
ive just found this webpage, i use to use yahoo answers but nobody cares about dreams anymore so i decided to join here, i have recently had many weird dreams but today i would like to talk about my most recent dream. ...