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I Literally Have No One, Help Me

I Literally Have No One, Help Me
Hello all,

I'm 15 years old, right when you have your first friend to share or even better, a girlfriend, most of you are probably lucky but I'm not. Let me explain. . .

I've liked a girl for 3 years now, there's no one for me to ask for money because he never has enough. He got a loan for a car that he's barely paying off. I have my own health problems with my legs and I probably won't get better without an operation but no one cares about me.

My mom wants me to study all the time and get good grades, my dad's always joking around with me until I finally get pissed off. I have cousins but no one cares, no one's ever asked me How are you, Is there something wrong? I've never been on vacation or had a girlfriend, some time ago I started stealing money so my brother would have enough. No one forced me to do it, I did it on my own, but I stopped and I won't do it again. I don't drink or smoke but if you're not one of the big smokers and big drinkers, girls won't even notice you and you won't find a true friend. I cook and take care of things at home so it's not messy.

When my brother brought his girlfriend over, the only good thing he said about me was "Nice job, you're finally useful for once. " Tell me what to do, I feel like crap all the time, I have no real friends. I moved to a new school this year, there's all these drugged up kids that bully me but I'm not the kind of person to ask my parents for help. They asked me for money once and I gave it to them, give me some advice so I feel better. I'm at odds with my 1st cousin, there's no one for me to share anything with, I can't find my place. I can't take my eyes off that girl but she doesn't like me, my life is hell, please help me!


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