3 roads

3 roads
I'm ivy m. .born on jan. 8,1992. I had a dream I was inside the condominium with my current boyfriend. He was on a bed naked and I was on top of him seems like the bed is two up and down but up is invisible like I'm lying on the very top of him trying to reach him using my hand but I couldn't do.

And then he's watching with the two girl ,one is adult other is young , while holding his deck .he was smiling watching them.the two girls is fixing something and they're seems like having fun.

So, I couldn't bear it anymore that's why I pack my things and go down to the condominium bringing black bag. When I was at the outside I look up at the building-the condominium,and it was color blue.

Until a boy who's riding with an old fashion car approach me. He's old with a fatty belly , hair until shoulder color white and brown complexion looks like Indian man.

He get my bag and I ride to his car.. The meaning road was color white and seem like a white sand. When we are near to our destination , I saw a woman and two other guys and the side of the place beside we are they standing has many bottle of hard drink called beer.

I get off the car and the woman approaches me to get inside the old tent... When I went inside it looks like a pink building with so many rooms and windows like a condominium building.. I went up on pink stairs at the top there's so many spiders web.

Then my heart beat faster... So I didn't continue going up ... I went down and run as fast as I can. I ran to the meanding road color orange and made of clay. When I look back I was chase by an American boy who has blonde hair with blue eyes ...

I reach the edge and no where to go .. So I decide to jump the cliff and I fall down to the water like falls. When I get off to the water.. I saw three roads...

One on the left side is wide and made up of clay road. The road at the center is wide made of white road like white sand and both side along the road has trees but the entrance is covered with grass it's like the grass was its fence.

The third one was a road like virgin forest where in full of grass and trees and I feel fear because theirs maybe wild animal there. So I choose the road on the center.. At first I was walking on water flowing its hard until I decide to Get off the water and get rid of those grass like fence...

When I was walking I felt the fresh air and on ahead of me the boy who chase me was there. But this time I didn't run way from him.. I walk forward ,meet him .. Looking at him while smiling then we hug each other.. .and end of my dream.


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26.11.2014 18:27
He was your guardian angel. Or a person from your past life. Beautiful dream.