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Funny Story in the ForestFunny Story in the Forest
20 Nov.
I'd like to share with you something that happened to my best friend and I so you can all get a laugh out of it. Here it is: Yesterday I was visiting at my friend's house. We decided to play outside (there's a wooded ...
My Best and Craziest FriendsMy Best and Craziest Friends
12 Nov.
Hey there. Today I've decided to share with you my memories of my best friends. Everyone has good friends and keeping them forever is the best because to have a friend means not only knowing them but also helping each...
The Pirate's LifeThe Pirate's Life
12 Nov.
Ahoy me hearties. I won't abide here fer long, although it depends on me captain, I'll ask him though, as soon as I see him in the mirror. I don't sign autographs, but my word is law, as is pirate law. We got a who...
I dreamed I was getting marriedI dreamed I was getting married
27 Oct.
So I had a dream I was getting married to a girl I've never seen before. The minister said: "I now pronounce you husband and wife" and then I kissed her. Then we got in my aunt's car and went to my home town. And when ...