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I can't forget himI can't forget him
06 Nov.
Hi everyone! I'm a 14 year old girl. Last summer vacation at the beach I met a very beautiful boy. We liked each other from the very start. We started going out etc. We were together for 1 week and it was wonderful. I ...
Having dreams about guysHaving dreams about guys
11 Nov.
A while ago I had a dream about this guy that goes to my school named Garry, for some reason me and him were huging and kissing . well then a mounth later I had a dream again about another guy named noah who also goes to...
Dreams about one girlDreams about one girl
11 Aug.
I know, its not usual in my whole life....i really call it as my life....almost one year before i saw a dream,a bout a girl...she is very cute, like a innocent child....I didn't find anything unusual in it.... After tha...