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Scary Doll DreamScary Doll Dream
08 July
The dream started off with me sitting on my bed on my iPad when I felt something on my sholder. So I knew my iPad could reflect what was on my sholder, so I moved my iPad so I could see what it was. When I looked I froze...
Ouija Board DreamOuija Board Dream
07 July
It started when I was at this weird creepy garden, a person was in front of me, sitting on the cold hard dirt. The garden was obviously not taken care as there was plants growing randomly out of the ground. It was dark a...
Dream of drowningDream of drowning
18 Sept.
my dream is confusing , i was in a fish market looking at these big catfish , me and my homeboy walked in there to use the bathroom. i saw the girl looking at me . i went over there at ask what was wrong she was laughing...
Scary, weird dreamScary, weird dream
14 Sept.
Hi, I need help understanding why I'm having these weird dreams! Last night I had a long dream where it started by me recently moving into a new house or apartment, I cant remember which one it was. I think someone tried...
I was sleeping, but I saw myself above the roomI was sleeping, but I saw myself above the room
26 Mar.
My roommate was already asleep when I got home. I went to bed at 2:00 am. How I slept I have no idea, but at one time I opened my eyes, moved aside the curtain, to get an idea of the time. I thought to get up but could n...
Paralyzed, with a phantomParalyzed, with a phantom
26 Mar.
Some of us often see figures next to themselves. It even happens that these figures are, "suffocating" us. Ie.- they keep us paralyzed, without telling us anything. Many times, this has happened to me. And not just me. ...
Very weird, I began to see strange purple shapesVery weird, I began to see strange purple shapes
26 Mar.
Hi there, I am 17 years old and strange things constantly happen to me. Several years ago I began to see strange purple lights around me. After a while I began to see white, blue, green, red, black, spherical shapes ci...