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Demons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren AmblerDemons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren Ambler
06 Nov.
I went through an absolutely horrific relationship with Darren Ambler. I thought from day one he was odd. Very fearful and not much personality. I was quick to find out that he wanted sex from me only- like an obses...
I Literally Have No One, Help MeI Literally Have No One, Help Me
22 Oct.
Hello all, I'm 15 years old, right when you have your first friend to share or even better, a girlfriend, most of you are probably lucky but I'm not. Let me explain. . . I've liked a girl for 3 years now, there's no ...
I feel like they are always with me.I feel like they are always with me.
02 Jan.
Hi There! I m 14 yrs and strange and scary things happen to me frm the time I was 8 yrs old . I do not imagine them, but I would like to share and get your opinion. One incident happened to me in 2011 when i was 12 y...
Overacted AngerOveracted Anger
22 Jan.
Well... I need some help interpreting this dream. It takes place at school and I'm walking with my best friend Brooke after a band concert. we're talking.. and suddenly her boyfriend shows up behind a door and she ditch...