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Death of sisterDeath of sister
29 Apr.
my dream.. i am sit in my farming field.... my sister come to me and crying and then told me.... i am realize now abt society.... and the same time a tractor come to our field for ploughing the field... sister wen...
I know about things that I have not seenI know about things that I have not seenI remember something very real and my relatives confirm it as true, but it is inexplicable, as at that time I had not yet been born. I remember things in life, events, facts from 1985-1986, but how can I, as I was born...
Strange happenings occur againStrange happenings occur again
26 Mar.
In my other stories I mention the strange coincidence of the death of my two grandfathers in the same day, and the curse which the old woman spoke of in Greece, aimed at me. Other odd things have happened in my life si...
Current events feel like Deja VuCurrent events feel like Deja VuHello! I do not know whether what I’m gonna tell you is just a dream or a mystery, but it does not matter. This happens to me almost every day. For example- today I was in an German language class and had to write some...