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My Best and Craziest Friends

My Best and Craziest Friends
Hey there.

Today I've decided to share with you my memories of my best friends. Everyone has good friends and keeping them forever is the best because to have a friend means not only knowing them but also helping each other, sharing and having fun together.

Friendship is much more than a word. Friendship comes from the heart and stays there forever. That's why we need to keep it from disappearing because to have a friend is more precious than anything.

So let me tell you about my friends. They are really crazy, fun, but most of all, loyal. They help me do impossible things. They are always by my side when I need them and never abandon me.

We don't always agree but we still remain true friends. Fun is always where they are. I love being with them late at night up in the hills, high up in the forest. We have fun, tell each other amusing stories and play tricks on each other, then laugh about it. It's the best when we're sitting in the hills quietly and gazing down at the whole town at sunset. I spend most of my time with them and that's how I forget all about my sorrow, fury or boredom. My friends are super! I'm grateful I have them!


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