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True short stories from the users of True stories of ghosts, love, the paranormal and success. You will find spooky, paranormal and horror short stories. You too can share your story or dream with us and get advice or the interpration of your dreams.
Paralyzed, with a phantomParalyzed, with a phantom
26 Mar.
A strange thing happened to meA strange thing happened to me
26 Mar.
Very weird, I began to see strange purple shapesVery weird, I began to see strange purple shapesHi there, I am 17 years old and strange things constantly happen to me. Several years ago I began to see strange purple lights around me. After a while I began to see white, blue, green, red, black, spherical shapes ci...
I communicate with aliensI communicate with aliensWhen I was small, I do not remember how, I found out someone was playing with my body and brain. They would move it, and I would not remember the details. Whenever I would ask something, it answered me. It would move my ...
I think there s a demon in my bodyI think there s a demon in my bodyHello! I want to share something. I feel that when someone annoys me, I become like a demon or evil being. A week ago, or so, my mother told me that at night I get out of bed and I enter their room, holding a knife. Sh...
Current events feel like Deja VuCurrent events feel like Deja VuHello! I do not know whether what I’m gonna tell you is just a dream or a mystery, but it does not matter. This happens to me almost every day. For example- today I was in an German language class and had to write some...