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I Think I'm Dying!I Think I'm Dying!
20 May
Hello, I haven't been feeling well for a long time now. I'm only 16 years old. Thoughts of fear. . . of death, keep invading my mind. And I feel that something's not right with me. For nearly a year I've been feeling fai...
Something in the DarknessSomething in the Darkness
31 Mar.
Hello all. One time I was walking with my [friends] in the forest in the middle of the night. We sat down to take a break. Suddenly, something shuffled from behind a bush. We weren't frightened because it was a bit win...
I Saw a Woman with Straight Black Hair and a White DressI Saw a Woman with Straight Black Hair and a White Dress
18 Mar.
On 3/17/16, while I was reading about [Bloody Mary] on the internet I heard a strange sound, like a sort of scraping. I got quite scared. I went to go check it out. When I opened the door I saw a tall woman with straig...
I'm Scared of EverythingI'm Scared of Everything
29 Jan.
I'm 13 and I'm afraid of everything, [ghosts], the dark, and a whole bunch of other stuff. When I go in bathroom I can't look in the mirror, I'm scared I'll see something behind me. But I'm especially afraid of the dark....
The Eternal Taboo - the Subject of DeathThe Eternal Taboo - the Subject of Death
27 Nov.
Hello! I've decided to share this topic of discussion with you, it's relevant and people never stop thinking about it. It comes to mind because last summer when I was walking home from the beach with friends I fainted. T...
What should I do in my spare time, I don't want to waste itWhat should I do in my spare time, I don't want to waste it
27 Nov.
"What should I get into? " is the question I guess. My job is such that I always have free time, even when I'm at work. It's as if I do nothing besides sit like a zombie in front of the laptop. Sure it's the rainy season...
They Seem to Have Destroyed All of My Self EsteemThey Seem to Have Destroyed All of My Self Esteem
04 Nov.
Hello all! I am a 14 year old girl. I was in 7th grade earlier this year and had 2 friends I was very close with. But one day they came to class and started making fun of me, telling me that I had conspired to turn the...
I communicate with aliensI communicate with aliens
27 Apr.
I have been communicating with aliens since 2008. Ever since then they have put me through delusions that were in fact movies that were played live with alien actors who are actually entertainers and which I was the main...