Funny Story in the Forest

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Funny Story in the Forest
I'd like to share with you something that happened to my best friend and I so you can all get a laugh out of it. Here it is: Yesterday I was visiting at my friend's house. We decided to play outside (there's a wooded area right outside where we often play at). We went out to the forest and my friend decided to climb a tree. She began climbing it, got up to a branch, grabbed it with her hands and feet and hung as if she were a hammock (by the way, the branch wasn't too high, in fact it was low to the ground).

She started yelling for help but soon came to her senses and jumped down to the ground. I decided to show her how it's done but only ended up making a fool of myself too. I kept jumping but couldn't reach the branch, so I hugged the trunk and slid down it like a firefighter. My friend kept laughing the whole time. I went over to her and told her: that's how it's done!

Then we laughed a long time until something moved in a nearby bush. We got scared and ran for it, but soon we stopped and turned around and we saw that it was only a squirrel. And that's how my story ends. I hope you liked it. I know it's a little silly but I hope you had fun reading it. Thanks for the consideration !


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