The phone call

The phone call
ive just found this webpage, i use to use yahoo answers but nobody cares about dreams anymore so i decided to join here, i have recently had many weird dreams but today i would like to talk about my most recent dream.

So i woke up from my bed with my sister handing me a white mobile phone, (at first i thought it wuz real), she said "its for you". i took the phone and in the other side wuz an old friend who i do not trust anymore, she wuz crying, i think she said why cant we be friends anymore, i told her, you betrayed me and one thing i dont like is traitors. i went back to sleep, and woke up later, (still in the dream world) i proceeded to go to my sister, and told her to give me the phone number, she replied "it is sensitive information", i told her i needed it to see if it wuz real but i could not get her to hand me the phone again, i think the dream ended with me going back to sleep.


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Abraham RiveraDiezdeAndin
Uh it means your friend is in trouble meaning her mental state is harmful to herself you must make an efort to reach her and forgive her before is too late ok.