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I saw my own body from up high

I saw my own body from up high

About a year ago I suffered an accident and nearly lost my life. At one point I saw my own body from up high, I heard people talking and felt lighter than a feather, I was not scared, I was lucky to survive. And then something else happened to me one night that I couldn't explain.

I was sleeping and felt some sort of presence, I opened my bed . He was holding his hands as if in prayer, I turned around and he simply disappeared, I only saw that he was wearing a black robe with a hood.

Then he visited me 2 more nights in a row, just standing there by the bed as if in prayer and every time he vanished into nothingness. I don't know who or what it is but I want to know if anyone else has lived through anything like this or knows anything. . . Please respond. . .


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