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Those Aliens and all ...

Those Aliens and all ...
Hello! So I had this wierd dream. I don't remember the starting or maybe this is the starting itself :

I was in my dad's car sitting in the back seat and maybe my bro was sitting in the front seat, driving on the highway. There was lot of cars passing by, honking and all. Then my dad told us to put on our seatbelts and policecars are ahead. And they checked the CID cards and driving license of ONLY the foreigners to which I got angry and told my dad that it was unfair. After driving for a while, still on the highway road , we saw a policeman with his 3-4 kids in the backseat (ALL BOYS, around 5-8 yrs wearing police uniform just like their dad ) driving. He was trying to drive his policecar by opening the door of his and when we looked at him, he just smiled and his kids were giggling and he closed his door.

Then suddenly we got stuck in a traffic jam due to some problem then after a min. a lady in a white car kept looking at me and driving slowly beside us a meter or less away. When I looked at her she had a sad expression on her face and she had a baby in her arms and it had no clothes on. Driving slowly cuz of the jam, she opened her window and asked me if I could take her baby (no idea for what reason), and when I saw her baby I got freaked out, it had some kind of round popping out aqua eyes :cry: but she had another girl kid in the backseat, pretty girl with brown or black hair, sweetly smiling at me (age 5 - 6). I got scared of the baby and didn't want to take it, didn't want to tell NO to the lady either.

I was just afraid to say 'NO'. Before I could say her 'NO' to her, daddy changed the lane all of a sudden. Something something happened and then we saw that we were being attacked by aliens and UFO's. When we were being attacked, I felt sorry for that lady so I started looking around for her. To my surprise, when I looked back, I saw that she was actually an alien and not a human, who was chasing us. (Maybe she threw the baby). When I looked at the sides, I saw that the aliens were running beside our high speeding car and there was a UFO on top of our car. It was shooting some kind of small green bolts which penetrated our car and hit us but nothing happened. And then to protect us, although we didn't get any hurt, I pulled a 50cm sword to defend us. When I asked my dad why they were only chasing us he replied angrily, "You don't need to know it, it's none of your business. . . I don't know".

I could feel the actual fear as if it was the reality. The fear so much, I thought that we would die at the end. Somehow we left the place and we were walking on top of extremely small hills. 1 of my friend was walking beside me and I told her that see that was the reason why you should always have a sword with you. And somehow we were in our old house. And back to the chasing part, my brother who was sitting in the front seat had no reaction, emotion and movement. He was just looking down sadly.


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05.07.2015 19:35
Oh my god, I'm gonna cap my pants, this is amazing.