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The Fate of LeoThe Fate of Leo
23 Mar.
Leos' fate is to become leaders, to organize. They can find suitable people for any type of work, who will not only do it but be thankful to Leo for it....
The Fate of SagittariusThe Fate of Sagittarius
18 Dec.
Sagittarians need to always act based on their reasoning. The sense of justice inspires them. Those born under this star sign feel most fulfilled when they are completely absorbed in their work and overwhelmed with creative...
The Fate of CancerThe Fate of Cancer
11 Dec.
Their fate is to be subject to their own feelings. The life of a Cancer is focused mainly on their inner world and is rich in experiences....
The Fate of CapricornThe Fate of Capricorn
04 Dec.
Capricorns need to remember that they must never allow events to take them by surprise. Their life's lesson is to learn to rely more on themselves instead of others. The Capricorn carries with him the ambition of getting...
The Fate of ScorpioThe Fate of Scorpio
26 Nov.
Scorpio's strength is dynamic. They are capable of subjecting others to their will and always pursue their goal persistently. Representatives of this sign need to always act in secret and watch out for rivalry and envy...
The Fate of VirgoThe Fate of Virgo
21 Nov.
Virgo's strength lies in foresight, the persistent pursuit of perfection at work, logic and the methodical way of working. Representatives of this sign need to have more confidence in themselves. This star sign is led...
The Fate of GeminiThe Fate of Gemini
21 Nov.
Their fate depends entirely on the decisions they make. Their energy is more mental than physical, which is why they need put greater focus on their education....
The Fate of LibraThe Fate of Libra
14 Nov.
Libras need to learn to not be so careless and react to others' influence, in order to now allow themselves to dominate over others. Representatives of this sign possess a critical type of nature and impartial judgment...
The Fate of PiscesThe Fate of Pisces
31 Oct.
Pisces are a bright persona. Independent and often preferring to sit on the sidelines of events. Representatives of this sign are insightful and this highly impresses others around them. Pisces are the last - the 12th sign...
The Fate of TaurusThe Fate of Taurus
29 Oct.
A Taurus's fate is a life filled with changes and professional success....
The Fate of AriesThe Fate of Aries
28 Oct.
Aries' fate is to be in a specific field. They choose a path to develop in and see it through to the end. They are thorough and act fast....
Destiny of the Aquarius AscendantDestiny of the Aquarius Ascendant
26 Aug.
Persons with an Aquarius ascendant are exceptionally independent, with a strong spirit and alert mind. Representatives of the Aquarius ascendant often prove their individuality through their original ideas....
Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of FatePalmistry - Meaning of the Line of Fate
22 Oct.
- A double line of fate indicates a distinguished career....
The Tragic Fate of the Great Alan TuringThe Tragic Fate of the Great Alan Turing
06 July
The British man is regarded as the father of theoretical computer science and the theory of artificial intelligence....
Shortcomings of the Aquarius Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign
30 Nov.
Aquarius is an idea generator but is not a good executor, which is why it's good for him to work in tandem with someone who finds it easy to carry them out. Aquarius has problems with paying back loans....
Year of the Snake for AquariusYear of the Snake for Aquarius
20 Dec.
The year of the snake makes the Aquarian atmosphere more active than last year's. For them, it will bring new hope for the future, which will be filled with more opportunities....
How to Read the Signs of FateHow to Read the Signs of Fate
11 Apr.
A strange event, leading to a series of changes, which change our fate. But how do we read the signs, which fate sends us? Among the well-known phenomena in this regard are the slippers of Laplace....
Year of the Wood Goat for AquariusYear of the Wood Goat for Aquarius
23 Jan.
Fate is offering them the rare opportunity to change their life as they see fit. One way or the other, they will be faced with different kinds of changes, which initially won't look to be particularly easy....
Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for AquariusLove in the Year of the Wood Goat for Aquarius
12 Feb.
The light and spontaneous attitude toward life's troubles will warm the soul of Aquarius in the first half of 2015....
Mars Enters Aquarius! The Period of Turbulent Revolutions BeginsMars Enters Aquarius! The Period of Turbulent Revolutions Begins
09 Nov.
For the first time in 2 years, Mars is moving through the zodiac sign of Aquarius, opening the way for turbulent and sudden changes....
How to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our HandHow to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our Hand
28 Mar.
Palmistry is an ancient science, which can decipher human fate not only by the lines on our hand but also by the shape of our hand....
Calculate Your Fate for the New YearCalculate Your Fate for the New Year
05 Feb.
Russian numerologists believe that fate can be calculated out. According to numerology, the fate of every person consists of cycles, each of which lasts 9 years....
The Myth of the Punishment of TantalusThe Myth of the Punishment of Tantalus
05 Apr.
Tantalus would often tell his father that his fate was more wonderful than even that of the gods and that he therefore did not need anyone or anything....
The Legend of the Kingdom of HadesThe Legend of the Kingdom of Hades
01 Mar.
Greek mythology and ancient Greece have sparked interest for ages. This interest won't stop, since the myths and legends continue to entice young and old alike. One of the most curious personas in Greek mythology...
The Story of the Tower of BabelThe Story of the Tower of Babel
24 Apr.
The story of the Tower of Babel is told in the 1st book of the Bible - the Book of Genesis. It explains the origins of the different languages and people in the world. According to it, after the Great Flood decimated the...