The Fate of Virgo


Virgo's strength lies in foresight, the persistent pursuit of perfection at work, logic and the methodical way of working. Representatives of this sign need to have more confidence in themselves.

This star sign is led by their reason, rather than their heart. Virgos are philosophically inclined, they possess intellect that comes from their rich experiences. Because of their high mental capacity, they enjoy success in scientific research, always fully aware of what they are doing.

Virgos are very hardworking and love to read. In their world, everything is subject to study, scrutiny and discussion. They are severely critical of themselves and others. They are caring and cautious, tending to analyze absolutely everything. They easily correct the shortcomings/weaknesses in their own character.

Virgo Sign

Virgos adjust to life's duties without putting in too much effort but sometimes the egotism in them prevails. They do not see their own mistakes but are disgusted by those of others. That is why their opinion of others is more negative than it should be.

The Virgo possesses an exceptionally developed sense of order. They are frugal, patient, stay-at-home types. They show interest toward the smallest details in life and in the family. They are blessed with a talent for speaking and tend to fall into controversy.

Their skepticism gets in the way of them being generous and compassionate. On the outside they seem satisfied but behind this mask lies their hidden, critical gaze. They are cautious and have a hard time making friends because of it. They dislike being watched and followed. Even if they are brutally honest, they don't always express their opinion.


Virgos are strong-willed but despite this still succumb to others' influence. Their authority is important to them and guard it jealously. They often become angry over little things but harbor their fury within them, frequently concealing their emotions.

Virgo's greatest weakness is that they are overly critical of others. They even go so far as to allow themselves to condemn. If they are able to overcome this trait of theirs, they are capable of reaching the highest spiritual peaks in life. Representatives of this star sign are often insecure and worry about tomorrow for no reason.

The fields in which they would shine successfully are chemistry, pharmacology, health, science, technology, mathematics, accounting, administration and office work. Suitable professions are medical worker, accountant, scientist, chemist, biologist and pharmacist.



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