The Fate of Leo

Leo Sign

Leos always exhibit dignity and regality. That is why they often stand out in a crowd. They are generous, kind and carry an artistic air in them, which is no wonder why they become the center of any social gathering.

Leos have an inborn artistic approach. They are innovators and everything they do is unique and original.

Leos have an exceptional approach to children due to their ability to tell stories in an interesting way. Representatives of this sign dress with taste and possess a good sense of fashion. They would be capable of realizing themselves successfully in this field.


The Leo man is personable, with strong and broad shoulders, a fresh face, large eyes and straight lips. He always walks straight with head held high.

The Leo lady is slender, with an oval face, large expressive eyes and tender lips. She possesses a strong sex appeal, portrays grace and aristocracy. Her outer appearance and manners are extremely important to her.

Leos are wonderful, loyal friends. Should you win a Leo's heart, they will be true to you forever. Their honor and courage are the other distinguishable traits of this sign. Leo's pride is his most prized treasure, be careful not to hurt it!

Leo Woman

Leos' fate is to become leaders, to organize. They can find suitable people for any type of work, who will not only do it but be thankful to Leo for it.

They are ambitious and always stand out, making their professional development rise straight up. The qualities of the royal zodiac sign are innumerable and as long as they don't give in to laziness they can achieve serious successes.

This astrological sign is characterized by independence, courage, generosity, confidence, hospitality and vitality.

Leos make for excellent politicians, managers, jewelers and theater actors. They can realize themselves well in federal administration as well.

Leos' greatest enemies are their pridefulness and laziness. Representatives of this sign need to remember that not everything that shines is gold. They must learn patience and control over their emotions.



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