The Fate of Gemini


Geminis have quite conflicting personalities and it really is a wonder how they manage to deal with all of their inner conflicts and searches. They are changeable and go through many metamorphoses throughout their life.

Geminis are fun and pleasant company, it's never boring with them, but their tendency to constantly change their mind frightens people very often because they never know what to expect.

Representatives of this sign have a brilliant mind and can react in a heartbeat to any situation. If they take up something serious, they will undoubtedly achieve brilliant successes.

Gemini Star Sign

Geminis are often either overachievers or destitute. Their fate depends entirely on the decisions they make. Their energy is more mental than physical, which is why they need put greater focus on their education. Representatives of this sign often tend to judge based on outer appearance.

Geminis are highly observant. They generally say one thing and do another. They are easily influenced. They are thinkers, theorists, who love thoughts for what they are and not because they lead to anything concrete.


Geminis realize themselves best in fields that require quick thinking and skill at communicating with different people.

The fate of this zodiac sign is related to the written word, including the fields of information, advertisement, media, education, sales, publishing and teaching, where Geminis are in their element.

Suitable professions are that of an advertiser, journalist, speaker, agent, publisher, librarian, writer, translator, TV or radio technician.

Gemini star signs are energetic, full of life, social, honest and benevolent. But they are ofttimes impatient, superficial and conflicting.

The Gemini man has a lean body and gestures lively when speaking. His face is thin, with an expressed high forehead, while his nose is pointed and narrow.

The Gemini lady has a thin body and narrow hips. Her eyes are small but lively. Her lips are often thin, she has a long neck and fingers.



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