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Year of the Snake for Aquarius

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The year of the snake makes the Aquarian atmosphere more active than last year's. For them, it will bring new hope for the future, which will be filled with more opportunities. Their impulsiveness will manifest without direction along with the reason for the needs that are hidden deep within them. They will move at high speed when dealing with others, as well as all other fields. They will be more direct and more demanding, having the tools to deal with unclear situations.

In 2013, the professional life of Aquarius will evolve based on the changes initiated by they themselves. In the spring, even the smallest indecisions and self-doubt will disappear. You will believe in yourself and that will allow you to make an effort to adjust to any situation.

The influence of Saturn will make you think about your professional life in the long run. The best thing you can do is move forward. Seeds sown this year will give fruit next February.

Year of the snake

In love, 2013 provides Aquarius with such passion that he would never have dreamed of. Your powerful intellect will have less of a hold on you, leaving more room for spontaneous impulses. This is due to the fact that until now, you have not been free on an emotional level and to some extent, you were afraid to relax.

2013 may bring back many old and forgotten acquaintances. Resurgence of old passions and re-opening of old wounds from the past may not be a good idea. You need to be especially vigilant, so not to fall into the trap of such a situation. Many of these moments are already known to you from experience, but others can stay hidden and trick you.

The Aquarius has to strengthen relations with friends this year, as they are very much needed. Advice from your friends will give you the insight needed to assess the situation.

Those of you who are single, will have the opportunity to start a relationship, highly charged with emotion. Do not be afraid of the high amount of passion, live in the present without making predictions. This is the best way to build your future.