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Shortcomings of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

Like all the others, the zodiac sign of Aquarius has its own shortcomings, one of these being their characteristic futile actions. They are capable of spending entire days in their own little world when they have to get something done and come up with all kinds of excuses about not keeping their promises.

Those born under this sign have way too many ideas, which they try to bring to fruition at the same time and ultimately what happens is they're unable to finish even one all the way. Aquarius is an idea generator but is not a good executor, which is why it's good for him to work in tandem with someone who finds it easy to carry them out.

Aquarius has problems with paying back loans. He can easily persuade someone to loan him a certain sum but later gets an unpleasant feeling when he has to pay it back and often tries to avoid this. Even if he pays the sum back, Aquarius feels extremely horrible, as if he's giving his own money away to someone.


Aquarius often breaks his promises because he always takes on more tasks than he's able to handle. He is not among the best employees, preferring to do a little work quickly and then waste the rest of the time only looking busy.

Among Aquarius's shortcomings are his tendency to take part in drama. He spares not even his loved ones in this regard, not even his sweetheart. For persons born under this sign, dramas are part of the fun in life and they give in to them with great pleasure.

Aquarius doesn't like being told what to do, this is capable of infuriating him. He thinks that he's crystal clear on everything and wants to give directions, not follow them. If Aquarius's partner tries to change him, this won't end well and their relationship will end very quickly.

It's nothing uncommon for Aquarius to share the secrets of those close to him to nearly complete strangers, just so they pay attention to him. Aquarius loves learning people's secrets and to do this may even use forbidden methods, without worrying about being caught.