Sleep Disorders: narcolepsySleep Disorders: narcolepsy
27 Jan.
Chronic sleep disorder characterized by sudden onset of sleep and wasting drowsiness during the day. People who suffer from narcolepsy find it very difficult to stay awake for a long time....
Sleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatmentSleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatment
27 July
In this day and age, sleeping disorders are not just common but are considered a very dangerous disorder, especially in some extreme cases, such as sleep deprivation....
Excess Sleep is Dangerous as WellExcess Sleep is Dangerous as Well
04 July
Francesco Coluccio, proclaims that getting enough sleep in adulthood prevents memory loss and dementia. "Sleep is important for good physical and mental health....
Sleep disorders are from antiquity until todaySleep disorders are from antiquity until today
05 Mar.
Lunatics meaning people who sleep walk, or sleepwalkers are known since antiquity....
Lack of sleep can literally drive you madLack of sleep can literally drive you mad
25 July
Lead researcher Professor Nick Glotsiar believes, that sleep disorders are an important symptom that indicates the presence of mental disorders, most often depression....
How Many Hours Can you Go Without Sleep Before Dying?How Many Hours Can you Go Without Sleep Before Dying?
11 Jan.
In practice, the need for sleep is so great that it even surpasses hunger. Often people may wonder how long they can last without sleep and whether they can die from a lack thereof....
How one sleeps, and what the phases of sleep are?How one sleeps, and what the phases of sleep are?
20 Feb.
Do people know why they need to sleep? , how we sleep? , how sleep stages is in our dreams? , what are the violations of the normal sleep? , are there rules about sleep? , is sleep necessary for us?...
Body Language and personality disordersBody Language and personality disorders
18 Dec.
For example: people kept apart by personality disorder and patients with diametrically opposed, to narcissistic personality disorder, behave differently....
Dangerous Magnetic Storms This WeekendDangerous Magnetic Storms This Weekend
29 Aug.
They will increase migraine symptoms, while people with vestibular disorders might end up bedridden....
Can Colors Heal?Can Colors Heal?
22 Jan.
The color violet, in turn, has the ability to boost intellectual activity but it can also be quite dangerous. Frequent contact with it leads to depressive states....
Can Animals predict?Can Animals predict?
10 Oct.
If a butterfly comes into your home, it predicts that guests are coming soon, says an ancient Slavic tradition. If it is bright in color, you will soon receive good news concerning your privacy. But if the butterfly is...
Sleep Improves VocabularySleep Improves Vocabulary
26 June
Thus, when reading a story to their children before bed, parents not only expand their vocabulary but also spend extra time with them, which is very important for the little ones....
Secrets of sleepSecrets of sleep
28 Jan.
Some of us are trying to catch up with sleep at the weekend....
Sleep Talking - SomniloquySleep Talking - Somniloquy
27 Jan.
Talking in your sleep may be associated with: • Psychiatric disorders associated with anxiety. • Medical disorders such as febrile illness (fever). • Sleep disorders, such as sleep walking and others....
Phases of sleepPhases of sleep
12 Dec.
There have been two main phases of sleep: Orthodox (slow) sleep and paradoxical (rapid) sleep....